I am glad you found me and hope in a few minutes you will be, too, if you are looking for a professional to host your Big Event.

I would like to make you see why I am the optimal choice to be the person who will guide you and your guests through your Big Day, a Master of Ceremonies, the “Voice” of your day, a real helper who will treat you and your guests in a very friendly but polite way – providing information, entertaining them, making everyone around you smile but never overdo his part. I’d like you to see how I am somebody who will make sure everything goes smoothly and the way we planned but most of all, the Master of Ceremonies – or – Wedding MC who will give you:

The Attention You Deserve.

Who am I?

My name is Mihaly, but everyone calls me Misi (‘Mi-Shi). I live in Budapest, Hungary – I am Hungarian by birth, born and raised in our lovely Capital City, but having learned from the best British/American teachers in the country and having attended College in the U.S.A. – I speak fluent English, too. Whether your event will be in English or in Hungarian – I am comfortable in both languages.

I have been living in the World of Weddings for more than 10 years now and I can say I have never enjoyed anything this much. I LOVE weddings. I started out as a cinematographer/film maker and have witnessed more than 150 couple’s happiness on their Big Day up to this point. I have learned on location and through real experience what sometimes tiny details can make a wedding day truly perfect. I still run the wedding cinematography studio with a great film crew and I can say we make a perfectly tuned team together as Wedding MC & Film Crew.

I became a Wedding MC for multiple special requests coming from the leading and (I believe) truly the best planners in Hungary. They saw in me the creativity, the attitude, the language skills and most importantly my dedication to weddings as a professional and urged me to try myself out and become Host/MC/Emcee of weddings for their Hungarian clients as well as international couples coming to our gorgeous country to tie the knot. I said -“why not?” – and that was the beginning of my hopefully long and beautiful journey of being a Wedding MC.

This means I do not have decades of past behind me. “Only” about a little more than 150 weddings. But it also means I have a fresh attitude, energy and willingness to always give more and more – and become an important and very useful part of beautiful weddings like yours. I put my heart to every single event I am asked to host – you can be sure of that. And so are the country’s best wedding planners who recommend me.

By now you might want to see and hear me speak Enlgish, too. So why don’t you watch this little 60 second-video in which I tell you why Budapest is the optimal choice for your Destination Wedding.

Of course, I am a little biased – and also available anywhere around the globe, but still 🙂  – This is home for me.

And yes, there is always something new under the sun: After a lot of couples had been constantly asking me for years – to not only be the MC but maybe also act as Wedding Celebrant at their wedding – I finally gave in – and last year I started a brand new, and by now I can say hugely successful service as The Wedding Celebrant. I you wish to know more about it – just click here – but then again, do not forget to come back here 🙂

The Wedding MC has been nominated for the Hungarian Wedding Award  as “Master of Ceremonies / Wedding Host” in 2018.

As a Master of Ceremonies it is my primary goal  to make sure the day and evening goes as smoothly as possible, taking the pressure off the happy couple and allowing them (you) to forget about the practical concerns of the event and focus on having a good time and living the moments as they deserve to be lived.

My abilities to work in a team was recognized by wedding planners nominated for and rewarded with the Hungarian Wedding Awards in 2014, too, doubtlessly the achievement of the highest possible reputation in the world of weddings in Hungary.

I am organized, prepared, energetic, elegant (but never overdressing the groom), very communicative and easy-going. I am a Wedding MC who knows what he’s doing, but more importantly, who he’s doing it for. You.

So keep reading if you think you would like to know more about me – I hope by the end you will feel like: Yepp, He’s my wedding host! We’ve found him!

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